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The Poolfenceman provides a range of pool fence services including swimming pool fence inspections across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


We provide swimming pool fence inspections, certifications, repairs of any size.  We also build new fences and gates to secure your pool area and ensure it complies with Queensland Government laws.

Whether buying, selling,  renting out a property or just concerned about the safety and compliance of your fence CALL NOW and we can help.

Swimming Pool Fence Inspections
Pool Safety Certificates

Swimming pool fence inspections

The Poolfenceman can ensure that your pool area complies with new government guidelines and is safe to enjoy for the whole family. Do the gates around your pool self-latch properly? Is your swimming pool fence the right height? What about the gap between the ground and the fence? Our inspectors will make sure your swimming pool is compliant and will suggest any necessary changes to earn it the required certification.

Pool Safety Certificates

Swimming pool safety certificates

According to Queensland Government guidelines, swimming pool safety certificates must be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector. These certificates are valid for one year for a shared pool and two years for a non-shared pool. If your pool doesn’t reach the standard you have 90 days to make changes. From Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, the Poolfenceman can inspect your pool and get it to the required standard for certification.

About Services Poolfenceman

Swimming pool fence repairs

The Poolfenceman understands what your pool needs to enjoy a long life and have the know-how to keep it going. Trusting only the finest brands in the industry we can supply and recommend the right products and accessories for your pool. Our wide range of cost-effective products includes CPR Signs, self-closing hinges and latches, toe caps and Fencing materials and more. From Brisbane to the  Sunshine Coast we’ve got you covered for pool safety repairs and approved fencing.

Safety Tips

Here are a few ways you can improve the safety of your pool and ensure your pool complies with pool safety standard laws.

Climbable Objects 

  • Ensure that any climbable object is at least 900mm away from your pool fence. This includes climbable objects like chairs, ladders, flower pots or boxes.
  • Check for fixed objects that might allow a child to climb over your pool fences, such as taps or light fittings. These can be coated with non-grip paint or shielded with a non-climbable material.
  • Trim overhanging trees, branches and climbable vegetation but be sure to discuss this with your neighbor first if the tree is not on your side of the fence.


  • The gates surrounding your pool area should open outwards, away from the pool.
  • Latches should be fully self-closing from all positions.
  • Regularly maintain the gate by checking the self-locking mechanism and oiling the hinges.


  • Windows that overlook the pool area should not open more than 100mm. Permanently fixed security screens and window chocks are possible solutions to ensure your pool complies.


  • Make sure the fence height is at least 1200mm from ground level.
  • Remove or reduce the height of any surrounding garden beds that may impact on barrier height.


  • Your pool should have a CPR sign that’s clearly visible to anyone near the pool.  

If you’re unsure if your pool fence meets the pool safety guidelines, contact us for advice.  With 20 years of industry experience, we can advise exactly what needs to be done to make your pool fence compliant.